Tuesday, October 20, 2009

children with neurological disorders.

As you know I am a special needs parent who has searched high and low for my dear sons who live with a neurological disorder. I know that I am not alone and statistics show there are approximately 14 million children who are affected with similar conditions. Up until now there has been so little hope for recovery and as a family we have struggled to accept any thing less then the best for our child.

Today I am excited to write you this note and to ask you for your help. I have finally found an organization that like me "Accepts No Boundaries" and is working tirelessly to bring about medical treatments focused on the repair and regeneration of the brain. Imagine that! Well it is true and you too can be apart of bringing forward this 21st Century medicine. In an effort to raise funds and awareness for CNS I have set up a fund at CNS Foundation and would like to invite you to visit my fund center and join me in support of CNS' vital mission. You can find my page at http://www.cnsfoundation.org/TheHalversonBoysFightingA.L.D.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I know with yours and others support we can make a dramatic and positive change in these children's lives.

 ~ Darlene

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