Thursday, September 24, 2009

Harvest Time

Well I finally have a few minutes of free time , so I thought I'd catch everyone up on whats happening around The Halverson Farm. We have been so busy with harvesting , selling and canning all our garden goods ! Now we have pumpkins and corn stalks for sale and brown eggs. We've raised over 80 chickens my freezer is full of healthy organic fruits and veggies and chicken ! Not to mention my pantry !!
I just love living the simple life , the way God intended us to live.
Not to mention with Jay being laid off it helps with are grocery bill. It's so wonderful being able to live off your land and cook with the food you grew with your own hands
The boys loving school , Dylan is now a freshman in High School , unbelievable how time flies.
He keeps reminding us that he will be able to get his temps soon....Ahhhh.
Jake is in the seventh grade and is reminding Dylan to save his money for a vehicle..ha , typical Jake. Owen is in second grade and we had our first cub scout meeting last night. It was so much fun , can't wait till the next meeting , thinking about becoming a "den mother".
I've been busy with my quilts , I have three more orders I have to get done before Christmas !!
Plus the fleece blankets we make and take to the children's hospitals. I love it !!

Also , I want to let you all know that for my birthday , I'll be turning 35. So I'm asking instead of gifts for ME please donate to the Be the Match Foundation. I'm asking for a $ 35.00 donation because I'm turning 35....ewwww(smile) but you can donate any amount that works for your budget. Or if you cant donate any money donate your blood it saves lives !!! That's what I'll be doing for my birthday.Just follow the link below and it should take you to the Be The Match Foundation. http//

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